Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bored bored bored

I can barely bring myself to type this. I'm so bored, I'm beyond wanting to do something. I'm in that bored-beyond-comprehension-so-I-stop-comprehending state. Krannert PhD programs has NOTHING for me to do. I don't have an account in Krannert's PhD website, so I just sit at my laptop, browsing the site and recording changes I want to make. That was done yesterday. It'll be a real shock to my system when I actually have work to do.

Now, we in the office are just babbling about coffee. Yeah... At least I have a deluxe chair, with raising, rotating armrests, tilting back and seat, padding on everything, and full raise and swivel base with wheels

1 comment:

Sam H said...

well, the chair IS the most important part of your job...