Thursday, June 26, 2008

New blogging tool

I wrote out a rather long and detailed post using a new tool, KBlogger, but due to the fact that it's beta software, I couldn't use it to upload the post. When I quit and restarted the program, I lost the text that I'd copied. So, thanks to KBlogger's bugs and my forgetting to put the text in a file or something, you will never know exactly what I'd written. Trying again this time, and I'm copying the text into a file just in case this upload bombs.
[EDIT] Looks like it worked, since I'm adding this text at the Blogger web interface.

It wasn't much, just a statement that Blogger was broken for me for a while but now is letting me in again, and mentioning that my main Gmail address has been inaccessible pretty often in the last few months, and that mail clients often lose the connection to the server. However, my secondary Gmail address NEVER has any problems. C'mon Google, I know these are free services you're providing, but get it in gear.

Also, I'd mentioned that I've returned to the land of KDE after spending months using Gnome. With the release of KDE 4.1 beta 2, I think the KDE4 series is finally feature-full and useable. 4.0 really was a joke end-user-wise; it really was just a development preview. But I'm liking the 4.1 beta. Slick look, all the old KDE apps I used to use, etc.

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