Monday, February 4, 2008

Right, left, right, left, left, straight ahead, left, right

It's been foggy all day here in the Lafayette area. This morning, as I crossed River Road, it was empty. I saw an empty road disappearing into nothingness. Even later during the day, fog was blowing off the areas of snow that haven't melted yet. And now that it's night, the fog is downright blinding.

Andy Selman and I tried to go to Wal-Mart tonight. First we ate some tasty Chinese food, then we went to Big Lots to pick up some caffeine, and then we got sucked into the Twilight Zone. Seriously, Andy commented that this was like the Lost Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If only Saria had been playing her music, we might've gotten through ok following the sound. We could not see more that 20 feet in front of the car at times. While trying to get to the southmost Wal-Mart, because it's closet to Big Lots, we became trapped in a housing edition that took us on circles, figure 8's, and who knows what other patterns. I wish we'd been GPS-recording our path for playback later.

We finally got out, got back on familiar roads... and wound up going in exactly the wrong direction. We gave up and went to the West Lafayette Wal-Mart because we actually knew how to get there.

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