Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Day of Linux

Andy Selman, one of my friends here at Purdue, asked me over to his place so we could mess around with installing Linux on his computer. Everything worked fine on the Live CD test except graphics, and we were able to install the proper driver after installing Ubuntu 7.10 to his hard drive.

Then we headed into unfamiliar territory: virtualization. Andy had the idea that he could, using Xen, boot Windows Vista while running Linux. Sure, it's possible, but we didn't get it figured out this afternoon. Instead, he served mint cocoa and venison sausage, and also some four-year-old ├╝ber-sharp cheddar.

We noticed, after installing Xen, that we couldn't select which OS to load on boot: his wireless keyboard was not working before booting. He figured that Xen had somehow messed stuff up; I don't know if maybe it did, but the problem was USB keyboard support had gotten turned off in his BIOS. Maybe Xen did that during its installation, because the keyboard worked before installation and after reenabling USB keyboard support.

I was going to stop by Einstein Bros. afterwards for some bagels and salmon cream cheese, but no, I'm not allowed to do that. They would be closed, wouldn't they?

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Anonymous said...

Did you end up getting Xen working? I'd like to do that for testing websites etc. What guides did you follow and is it free?