Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today's fish is: Trout a la creme

Oh noes, more food. I promise that this is not a cooking blog. Nevertheless, I've found I love grilled salmon. As long as I don't do something stupid like put teriyaki sauce on it while it's cooking and so burn the sauce. Also, sardines are good on crackers with mustard, and anchovies are good on pizza. Fish is obviously not brain food: I stuff myself with it and seriously, look at me :P

My desktop keeps being mostly dead. Its latest problem is a worrying noise like a fan is brushing against something. I'd open it up and rearrange stuff, but I've been too lazy. I almost can't wait for it to fail completely so I can have more justification to build a new one. I'm thinking of building a nearly-exclusively-Asus-based machine, just because I've seen a lot of Asus's motherboards and graphics cards, and I'm impressed with their quality. Their cases, both barebone and empty, aren't too bad-looking, either. Yes, I love tweaking and customizing, and yet those silver-and-black iMacs are so tempting... want. Dell's all-in-one XPS machine would be attractive if it were more customizable, but it's almost Jobsian in its stylish looks and lack of options.

Laptop's being great, except for a worrying occasional loud click from the hard drive. I think this weekend I'll try to gather the time to back up all my 1.2 kilolocats and other files, and organize them on my server that currently holds at least three separate backup sessions.

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