Friday, January 25, 2008

Remote Control

Today I decided to try out a little utility called x2x. What it does, essentially, is it allows the control of two X displays with one keyboard and mouse. A little script later, I'm using my laptop's keyboard and touchpad to control my desktop. It's nice, since I'm using one of Matt's large 20" widescreens on my desktop. If I bump up the font sizes, this could work very nicely for watching movies or playing games from afar. Whenever I get around to setting up a Media Center PC, I'll do this same sort of thing: keep no input devices attached to the MCPC, but instead control it from a laptop. Or, while I'm dreaming, from a smartphone, since I don't have the cash for either a Media Center or a smartphone.

1 comment:

kialari said...

You should make a remote! You could do it, that's why you have the beard.