Friday, January 18, 2008

Dinner and a show

Matt went home for the weekend, so I dined solo. Dinner consisted of chicken gumbo with Louisiana Hot Sauce, some Whole Grain Fig Newtons, and two pork egg rolls with garlic hoisin sauce. Go ahead and make a face all you want, but I rather liked it.

Went to see the Crazy Monkeys, an improv comedy troupe here at Purdue. They performed at the Village Coffee House on State St. I ordered my usual caffeinated drink, a double espresso with a shot of soymilk. This was the first time I'd had frothed soymilk in a drink; most places just pour it in. The frothing gave it an interesting texture that I think I like better than the usual. They gave me a very tiny cup to drink out of, which made me feel silly and pretentious.

The Monkeys were good as usual, though I miss the first group I ever saw. Only one of them remains, yet after all these years he still has the same sense of timing and randomness that made that first group such a success. A few of the new people aren't too shabby either. Crap, I'm only 22, I shouldn't feel nostalgic about anything newer than Lego or the original Power Rangers.

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